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Time Is A Flat Circle: The Nets Are Once Again Trying Increase Kevin Durant's Trade Market By Leaking The Celtics Are Calling And Offering Jaylen Brown

Brian Babineau. Getty Images.
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What is it with this Nets team and why will they simply not leave the Celtics alone? This is your problem/drama, not ours. Stop trying to bring the Celts into your KD/Kyrie drama, it didn't work over the summer and it's not going to work now.

It goes without saying, the same way I was a firm "no" on this trade over the summer, I am even more of a "no" on it now. Back then, the concerns were the fact that KD is getting older and is an injury risk despite being massively talented. Now, with the Celtics owners of the best record in the NBA at the trade deadline, I'm to believe they are going to trade Jaylen Brown for an even older and a currently hurt Kevin Durant? On what planet does that make any sense when it didn't even make any sense 4 months ago!

Of course, we know what this is because we've already lived it. If the Nets are going to entertain the idea of trading Kyrie, we know what Sean Marks loves to do. He loves to say that the Celtics are calling and offering Jaylen Brown. It's called setting the market. If teams think Jaylen Brown is on the table, then they have to beef up their offer for KD.

Here is how I imagine things went after the Nets pulled the trigger on the Kyrie deal.

Sean Marks: "Hey Brad, first off, you were right about Kyrie. I should have listened to you, that's on me. Anyways, we might be down to trade KD now, so how about Jaylen Brown? Remember when I leaked that over the summer? No hard feelings, that was just business. Waddaya say?"

Brad: "By Jaylen Brown did you mean Justin Jackson? No? Oh, then goodbye"

Sean Marks: "Damn. Well good news is you answered the phone so I can leak that we talked about it!"

Wash, rinse, repeat. I mean I get why stuff like this is leaking out 3 days before the Trade Deadline, but just like over the summer, when you actually use your brain and think critically, it makes no sense. Yes, KD is having an MVP caliber season when he's been on the floor, nobody ever questioned his talent or how much he has left in the tank. It's Kevin Durant! 

But last time I checked, a player 10 years younger is also putting up an All NBA caliber season. The team he plays for is the NBA title favorite, just like they were 4 months ago. Notice how Brad Stevens didn't blow up his team back then for KD? So now, this close to the playoffs, he's going to do it for an injured player? I've seen some shocking stuff in my day this time of year, but that would be a whole new level.

If the Nets want to entertain a package for KD that does not include any top 5 rotation player, I'm all ears. You want Brogdon/Grant and filler? Be my guest. But I am begging Sean Marks to have some shame and stop bringing the Celtics into his mess. It didn't work the first time, and it's not going to work now.