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No One Hated The Grammy's Last Night More Than Ben Affleck

For a famous celebrity, who can do whatever he wants, it blows my mind to see Ben Affleck agreeing to participate in something he ABSOLUTELY does not want to participate in. He's not an award show guy! That's fine! It's JLo's thing! Does she need him as her arm candy? Sure, I guess, but she could bring literally anyone else. I would rather bring someone I barely know, then have to worry about my husband having a face on for the ENTIRE show:

Seriously, let this guy go home. If he can't have fun at The Grammys, which is essentially one huge concert with all of the best artists in the world, mixed in with a few awards, it's just not for you. It's like if you go out to dinner with your friends, and you have a show planned or an event afterwards, and you decide to bring along someone new to get everybody acquainted before you all spend some time doing whatever it is you're going to do next. If they aren't cool at dinner, they're definitely going to suck at the event. Ben Affleck has probably had dinner with all of these people before, and he's still sucking the wind out of the place. Sometimes you have to pick your battles, and if I'm JLo, Ben is never getting the plus one invite again. What a sour puss.