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Taylor Swift Had To Tell Grammy's Red Carpet Photographers To Chill Out After They Screamed Bloody Murder At Her To Pose For Them

Photographers are the fucking worst lol. Seriously. These kinds of photographers, celebrity/red carpet/paparazzi type photographers, certified losers. I understand its their job to get the shot, but like...why are you screaming BLOODY MURDER at Taylor to slow down and pose for pics??? She's just repositioning?? For her to have to tell them that they "aren't in a rush" and "they will get their photos" is insane. If I'm going full Swiftie, I'd go as far as to say that these monsters need to stop treating her like a piece of meat? They should feel LUCKY to even be in the same room?? You get the photo you get. Deal with it. That's your job. Don't scream at the people on the carpet like they are animals. 

Taylor didn't let it bother her for too long though, having an excellent night a the Grammy's after this. Shouting out her fans for ruining Ticketmaster's life, looking hot, taking pics with Bad Bunny, getting tipsy on white wine/champagne and chit chatting with her hottest ex:

Love our girl. She didn't catch her 13th Grammy last night, but we'll just save that one for next year, after the tour and all of the re-records are out. Next Grammy's will be Taylor Themed.