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Things Got Personal On First Take Today Between Stephen A. Smith And Jay Williams During A Debate Over Kyrie Irving

WOW. If you were searching for fireworks on national television on a Monday morning, you got your wish. Stephen A. Smith was in prime form this morning on "First Take," going back and forth with Jay Williams in a debate that started about Kyrie Irving, and then quickly took a personal turn.

The debate then turned to going back and forth on when Stephen A. Smith gets triggered, with Williams disagreeing, and then moderator Molly Qerim eventually interjecting and cooling things down.

Also, poor Tim Legler! He was just awkwardly sitting there on the other end of the table while Stephen A. Smith and Jay Williams were yapping at each other for a few minutes. He's just there to get some takes in and go home. I don't think he signed up for this!

Anyways, these are the types of moments that make Stephen A. Smith one of the most interesting people in sports media. He doesn't care what other people think about him and he will never hold back. Live television at its finest.

By the way, if you haven't heard Stephen A. Smith on one of our recent episodes of Pardon My Take, I highly recommend it...