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ALERT: Gracie Hunt Appears To Be Lost And Needs Help Getting To The Super Bowl

This is an all-hands on deck situation here folks. Can't have a Celtic Pride situation where Gracie Hunt misses the biggest game of the year. She's clearly lost. She's pointing at Akron on the sign. Let me tell you something. Akron isn't where you want to end up. Not much to do in Akron outside of catching some MACtion. She'll also for sure be cold in that bikini in Akron. 

This is a big week for all of us who hate the Eagles. Can't have them win a second one. No thank you to that. That's why I'm here to help with directions for Gracie. Sure she has a phone with directions on it. But like I said, can't have a Celtic Pride situation where she's not there. Gotta have her in the owners box. Gotta have her on the sidelines. Anything that keeps some good juju for the boys in red this week. 

So here's to helping out Gracie Hunt. Just head west from Kansas City. Look for the Barstool Scottsdale sign. Catch The Dozen live on Thursday. Those are your hints you're in the right area.