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In The Latest Attack On Football, The NFL Is Looking To Ban "Hip Drop Tackles"

The No Fun League is at it again, this time going after a very routine tackling form that they have deemed "Hip Drop" tackling. In another example of society assigning bullshit terms to demonize very mundane things and deem them evil, for example, "Ground Exploding Fireworks." Like, that's bullshit; you can blow up fireworks with way more gunpowder in the sky, but I can't use way less gunpowder in an M80 equivalent that happens to be on the ground or maybe bounce a little to a pond with tons of fat native trout in it. Then the "Ground exploding firework" I threw apparently makes me a "Dynamite fisherman." See, these bullshit terms society is putting on shit to make it worse are hitting the NFL hard. A "hip-drop tackle" is literally the only way to tackle someone from behind. Tackling them any other way, in my opinion, is against nature. Seriously, the hip-drop tackle is everywhere in nature. 

This is how lions take down big game. Are you telling me that powers that be are trying to make humans do things against nature?

Sounds like some New World Order, World Economic Forum business to me. Making grown men go against their natural instincts when dragging down other men?! Stinks to high heaven. 

Also, I understand these tackles have been taking out a lot of ankles. But when did people in the NFL stop high-stepping to prevent getting their legs wrapped by people tackling from behind? I know we had a whole laugh about the "NFL is Rigged" debacle but this is another bullshit penalty that could be enforced at an important time in a game and basically steal a win from a team about to make a final stop. I feel like they are creating new penalties just to whip them out at the worst times. 

Also, absolutely nobody in the NFL likes the idea: