A Frozen Shark Was Found Washed Up On A Cape Cod Beach, As If Swimming Wasn't Already Scary Enough

NY Post- A dead, partially frozen shark washed up on an icy beach in Cape Cod, Massachusetts over the weekend.

A local photographer stumbled across the carcass as she took a stroll along a beach, aptly called Cold Storage Beach, in Dennis, around 2:30 p.m.

The photographer, Amie Medeiros, took a picture of the shark laying on its side on the icy sand and shared it on Instagram.

She said the frozen animal was “not what I was expecting to find on my frozen winter adventure,” in the comments.

The big fish, believed to be a porbeagle shark, may have died from an injury to its side. Mederios’ photographs show it has gashes above its fins.

It's cold as balls up and down the east coast right now. But if we can just get through this month, I always feel like we survived the winter once the calendar hits March. Yeah there's still cold days in March, and the occasional shitty snow storm. But from a mindset, winter's over, which means summer is on deck. 

With summer comes the beach. I'll never ever not swim in the ocean. Yeah I see stories like this along with movies like Jaws and all that. But even frozen sharks can't deter me from swimming on a hot day. I cannot sit on a Saturday in July sweating my ass off on a beach and pass up the only relief available in the ocean. I'll always dip in. Have to. 

On the flip side, shit like this makes me understand how people like my friend Paul "Dontnudgembro" Civ used to say "you guys are laughing and playing around out there, there's sharks in the fucking water." Didn't matter they were miles and miles away, didn't matter we were swimming in 3 feet of water, kid was convinced sharks are somewhere in that water so he avoided it the best he could. The entire summer down in Belmar I never saw Paul in water deeper than his knees. 

Sharks are polarizing figures. Some people write best selling novels about them, which inspires a fashion line. 

While others like my friend Paul are terrified of them. 

I for one am happy this occurred in the offseason. As a fine mayor once said, "You yell Shark, we got a panic on our hands on the 4th of July."