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Steve Cohen Commented On His Offseason Spending Spree And It Seems Like He Simply Has No Time For Broke Ass Baseball Owners

Wait wait wait, so let me get this straight. THAT'S the guy that's supposed to be bad for baseball? To be clear I'm talking about the sport of baseball, which is rooted heavily in the success of Major League Baseball, the enjoyment of its fans, and the success of its players. If so, based on that little snippet from Jeff Passan's article, Steve Cohen seems to care about his team and its customers a helluva lot more than a lot of the owners that are blogged about here on Barstool Sports.

Surely there must be more to all this considering Steve Cohen was the big bad boogeyman after blowing past the tax designed to curb his spending during the first offseason with it. What else did he have to say?

Ahhhhh there it is! Steve Cohen isn't bad for baseball. Steve Cohen is bad for the billionaire baseball owners that refuse to actually put their money back into their franchises then cry poverty whenever their fans get upset, which leads to stories like this.

Uncle Stevie speaks softly but carries a big stick, a bigger wallet, and an even bigger dick, which clearly upsets a bunch of the other owners who miss having a New York team that would throw around nickels like manhole covers when the Wilpons were owners. Maybe that's why the Mets couldn't get an interview with basically every exec in the Top 5 of every opposing ball club when they were looking for a GM.

Even Cohen not being interested in investing massive dollars and years into players like Jacob deGrom and Carlos Correa with massive injury potential must piss off these owners since it means the Mets are not only loaded but also smart enough to not potentially completely jam themselves up with hundreds of millions of dollars of mistakes for 5+ years. I imagine all those owners were acting like Scott Boras once Correa signed with the Twins for like half the money and years the Mets had reportedly offered before they saw Correa's ankle that one doctor said was the worst he's ever seen.

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I honestly do think that the Mets will continue to get push back whenever trying to hire people from other organizations and certain teams will refuse to make trades with the Mets because Steve Cohen committed the cardinal sin of being willing to spend whatever it will take to try to bring a World Series to his team. But something tells me that Steve Cohen and the supernerds he hired in the front office will find a way to make things work considering this is the TV character that was based on him.

God I love having that man in charge of my happiness from April-October (along with November and December during the Hot Stove). The Mets jumped 24 wins last season after Cohen had a year to get his guys in. Can't wait to see what they do this year.