Leeds United Is Hereby Rebuked As America's Soccer Club After Firing Our Beloved Jesse Marsch

I actually had a soft spot for these guys. The happy-go-lucky Leeds team. The Leeds team that were trying to create an American AAU team. I respect it. They just needed to pry Pulisic from Chelsea's hands and trade some guys to Fulham for Robinson and Ream. All in on AAU soccer. 

But in all seriousness, they were kind of like the Lions. No one actually hates Leeds. They claim Manchester United as a rival, but it's like how the Packers are bigger rivals with the Bears than Lions. They are just there. They had a chance to win over America. They went and started with Brendan Aaronson. Then they got Tyler Adams before just bringing in Weston McKennie. Three absolutely beloved USMNT guys. 

*Let me clarify the hate part. I know the history of Leeds. I know how everyone in England feels about them. I'm talking about from the side here in America. They aren't good enough to be hated like people hate Man U, Man City, etc. This is strictly an American's view point. 

Now Marsch is sacked. Brutal after losing 1-0 to Nottingham over the weekend. Thanks a lot, Chief. Ruining America's team. Ruining a team that could have bit kneecaps. One of the toughest things if you only watch international soccer vs club soccer is figuring out who is in form, where everyone is at, etc. That's why we needed a team like Leeds. Just let us know like hey, 11am, you can watch half the team in action. 

And here we are now with Marsch out and the debate happening. Should he be the next manager of USMNT? I made a joke about him managing all the Americans on Twitter and it was pretty split. I don't mind. I don't think he's an awful manager like some. I also understand everyone wants Pep. That's especially true now with this out there: 

Sure. Get either of them. Both are upgrades to Gregg. Fine, even if I'm scarred a bit by Jose at Tottenham. Take him too. 

Either way, Leeds is currently rebuked as America's soccer club.