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Finesse King Kyrie Irving Gets A $2 Million Dollar Bonus Just For Being Traded

Dustin Satloff. Getty Images.

There was no NFL football on yesterday (no I am not counting a flag football game where Tyler Huntley threw double the amount of TDs he did in the regular season) and the NBA took center stage as the Nets traded mercurial superstar Kyrie Irving and Markieff Morris to the Mavericks for Spender Dinwiddie, Dorian Finney-Smith, and picks.

And while Twitter took to photoshop to see Kyrie in a Mavs jersey, there were other things at play that didn't get nearly enough attention.

In 2019, when Kyrie signed a 4-year $136 million dollar deal with the Brooklyn Nets in Free Agency, that contract included a 15% trade kicker. It's not unheard of in NBA superstar contracts, but interesting to note. Because when Kyrie's camp made it known a few days ago via Woj, there were monetary bonuses at play behind the scenes.

So Kyrie's salary in this, the final year of that 4-year deal he signed in 2019 was $36.50 million dollars. So he will be getting a trade kicker that's worth about $2 million dollars just for getting traded that'll move his salary this season to $38.95 million dollars.

What an incredible move. Just the absolute dream. Funds are a little tight this year with a lot of money tied up in the market? Why not organize your own personal $2 million dollar bailout. Kyrie is such a diva, yet so dang talented, he cannot stop winning. Even though he's basically the NBA's version of Antonio Brown without all the concussions. I'm looking forward to seeing how he brings down this Dallas team from the inside. But in the meantime, congrats on the raise.