South Carolina's 5-Star GG Jackson Hopped On Instagram To Rip The Coaching Staff For Not Getting Him The Ball To Beat Arkansas

Quick question here. What exactly did GG Jackson think was going to happen with him going to South Carolina? It's a joke of a program. It's a disaster typically every year. That's precisely why I called losing to them rock bottom for Kentucky. But GG Jackson decided to decommit from UNC, re-classify and then go to South Carolina. He could have went anywhere. I understand staying home and playing for your team and all that. But you gotta look around and realize it's probably not going to go well.

This happened Saturday right after South Carolina lost to Arkansas. He didn't get the last shot which is a joke. GG Jackson is the most talented player on South Carolina. You gotta get him a look. IF not him, it should be Meechie Johnson. Instead Hayden Brown missed a layup. 

That said, you can't hop on Instagram Live and start complaining about this. Do it the right way. Go to the press and start complaining. That's how you get spin zones like this: 

Love seeing that. For the majority of teams it's 'oh great. There's our star player ranting on social media and complaining about everything.' For South Carolina it's 'HEY! Great news! The real story is saying he's thinking about staying.' Sneaky great spin zone. 

Next time he'll handle it right. Blast your head coach with a bunch of newspaper writers in front of you. The way it used to be.