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Get Rid Of Flag Football And Just Make The Gridiron Gauntlet The Entire Pro Bowl

The NFL is trying out their new Pro Bowl where players compete in a variety of games to try and spice up a dying event. The results have been mixed, but hey you have to appreciate they're at least trying something new after they realized how bad things had gotten. 

It's pretty clear in order to make this thing watchable they have to get away from the actual game of football. Flag football is not the answer. If I see that on the TV I'm changing the channel. No one cares about that shit, players and fans included. Gridiron Gauntlet on the other hand? I could watch this for hours. 

I'm not afraid to say that was awesome. That was fun! The moment I saw those linemen crashing through walls I stood up from my couch. What on Earth do we have here? Okay so the NFL guys don't wanna tackle each other but they're down to do these gladiator style events? Count me in. Brian Burns absolutely FLYING during his portion (you'll find out why Myles Garrett was going at the end of the blog but pay no attention).

My only critique is that it only lasted a minute. Now that you have a winner let's expand on this and make it more complex. Just make this the whole damn event to be honest. 

Okay Kick Tac Toe can stay as well. 

Please no one pay attention to this next part

It's a freak accident! The only way to fully avoid injuries is to cancel the whole thing altogether. Nothing to see here. Just give us more Gridiron Gauntlet along with gambling lines.