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Nic Claxton Had The Perfect Response When Asked About All The Kyrie Irving Drama

Todd Kirkland. Getty Images.

As you can imagine, the Kyrie Irving saga is only getting more dramatic as we inch closer and closer to Thursday's trade deadline. Part of why Kyrie's trade demand is an issue for the Nets isn't only because he's a main pillar of their franchise that basically did this to the Nets season

but also because now all his teammates have to talk about it. I can't think of a bigger distraction that no team would willingly sign up for, but until the Nets pull the trigger on a trade, that's the reality for everyone else on the roster.

Most players will give professional answers, that they love Kyrie, he's a brother to them, they're focused on who is in the locker room etc. I can't blame them, what else do you expect them to say? I'm sure they were all just as shocked as the rest of us once they got that Shams bomb last week.

Then there's Nic Claxton, who gave without a doubt the best answer to his thoughts on this whole ordeal

I don't know why, but the honesty of that answer made me laugh. Nic Claxton is having a fantastic defensive season for the Nets to the point where he's a legit DPOY candidate. He just comes to work, does his job (where he's really good), and goes home. I think we can all relate to that. Whereas some players in the league want to run their franchises and make all these demands, Claxton just comes to work. Whatever the Nets are thinking, they surely aren't consulting Nic Claxton about it and I think he knows that which is why that answer is so perfect. 

Meanwhile, after sitting out last night due to "knee soreness" (very very funny), the Nets have decided to shut down Kyrie until they eventually trade him

and based on the latest reporting last night it sounds like the Clippers are ready to throw their name in the ring as well in terms of a potential trade destination

which is interesting timing since maybe the Lakers will actually stand up against LeBron and his demands 

Honestly, that's not a crazy stance by the Lakers. Would you want to be tied to Kyrie in a post LeBron world where all you have is Kyrie and AD? That sounds like another disaster waiting to happen. Now that I think about it, I sneaky need this to happen.

Meanwhile, the Nets didn't exactly look like they missed Kyrie last night in their thrilling win over the Wizards. Maybe they actually don't need Kyrie because they have….Cam Thomas?

I'll reiterate for Nets fans what I originally said when all this went down. Trust me, this is for the better. I know it may not seem like it now, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The talent isn't worth the drama, especially when the talent hasn't done shit for you since it arrived. I know the dribbling is fancy, and I know there are nights where he erupts offensively, but trust me when I say you won't miss him. The Cavs and their fans haven't, the Celts and their fans haven't, and the same will be true for you as well.

Remember, the Nets have already rebuilt once (post BIG 3 trade). They can do it again. Young talent like Claxton and Thomas will only continue to get better. They have some midsized contracts they can move, and then whatever they get back for Kyrie. Last time I checked Kevin Durant still exists and is signed long term. That's more than enough to weather this Kyrie storm.