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Sergey Spivak MAULS Derrick Lewis In The UFC's 3am Main Event


I mean - at least Spivak made it quick so we could all finally get to bed?

Sergey Spivak just MAULED Derrick Lewis - like a The Bear vs Leo in 'The Revenant' level mauling - in a fight where like once he got ahold of him, he just never let go. Spivak took Lewis down in the opening moments of the main event, Lewis put his "stand-up-jitsu" on display and just got up a few times, and then Spivak just took him down again....and again....and again....and again.

Eventually, it looked like Derrick Lewis was just completely defeated by this sequence of shove-downs, and Spivak was able to roll him over and tap him out very quickly with an arm triangle at 3:04 of the first round. Lewis never landed a single shot.

Unfortunately, this is now three fights in a row that the "Black Beast" has dropped to his opponents, and on top of that, he's lost four out of his last five. He's definitely still a big enough name to generate interest in his fights, but I'm just not sure he belongs at the top of the division anymore. It'll be really interesting to see what his next move is. 

Spivak, on the other hand, likely just launched himself into the Heavyweight Top 10 with the biggest win of his career - and made it look easy. I bet his next fight will be a Top 5 contender.

I'm so tired that I don't even know how to end this blog. Goodnight!

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