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Rinya Nakamura Just Won A UFC Contract With A CRAZY 30-Second KO

Tonight's UFC card features a ton of these 'Road to the UFC' Finals, which was a tournament that they've been running for months with the top Asian prospects in mixed martial arts competing for contracts, and few fighters in that pool were as hyped up as the undefeated bantamweight Rinya Nakamura - for good reason.

Nakamura came out in this fight against Toshiomi Kazama with his chin straight up in the sky, throwing absolute BOMBS at 1000mph; and after 30 seconds of what looked like a cartoon dust-cloud brawl, Nakamura put Kamaza's lights out with a left hook to the jaw.

Michael Bisping was quick to point out how reckless Nakamura fought, and how that could be his inexperience showing (considering he came into this fight at only 6-0), but he obviously holds some ABSURD power/speed in his hands, and with some fine tuning, I think he could be a massive star in the UFC. He speaks great English, has a great personality, and throws caution to the wind when he steps into the cage. Plus, he's supposed to be a tremendous wrestler, and didn't even get to show that tonight.

Remember the name Rinya Nakamura. He's about to enter one of the most stacked divisions the UFC has to offer, but I have a feeling he's gonna leave a mark pretty quickly.