There's Few Things Better Than A Picture-Perfect German Suplex In MMA

"The Human Cheat Code" Johnny Eblen just defeated Anatoly Tokov in his first Bellator title defense and put an EXCLAMATION POINT on the dominant decision win with this brutal german suplex in the closing moments.

I don't know how that didn't snap Tokov's neck in half, or at the very least, knock him out cold; the fact that he just got up and pretended that didn't just happen was insane.

Unless Gegard Mousasi wins his next fight and looks like an awesome rejuvenated Gegard of the past, I don't know who is going to realistically put up a challenge for Eblen right now. He just looks levels above middleweight competition, and even though he believed that he lost a round for the first time ever tonight….


….he didn't! Every round was awarded to him by at least 2/3 of the judges! Eblen may just have to go challenge Vadim Nemkov for the Light Heavyweight Championship and see if he could become double champ.

Here's a great compilation of suplexes in MMA that'll make your neck hurt just watching em….

Fedor is up next, and you could make the argument he survived one of the most brutal slams in history against Kevin Randleman back in the day….

….and he won that fight moments later! Just insane!

Just for shits and giggles, here's a Brock Lesnar suplex compilation….


Congrats to Johnny Eblen, tho - love to see him doing well. Now let's go Fedor!