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Lorenz Larkin Lands A HUGE HELLBOW KO At Bellator 290

BOOOOOOOM! What a fucking shot! My god that was vicious. Straight up faceplanted him off the separation.

The UFC main card doesn't start til 1am tonight to appeal towards the South Korean fans that the event was originally for (despite the card ending up in Vegas), but Bellator is on CBS right now for a legitimately great trio of fights to help ya stay up!

The main card features a slugfest between Sabah Homasi and Brennan Ward (which just wrapped up!), the return of "The Human Cheat Code" and friend-of-the-program Johnny Eblen, and the final fight in the legendary career of Fedor Emelianenko. 


Fedor will take on Ryan Bader for the second time in tonight's main event, and then a retirement ceremony will be held with a who's-who of legends paying him tribute, including Royce & Renzo Gracie, Dan Henderson, Chael Sonnen, Frank Shamrock, Rampage Jackson, Mark Coleman, Matt Hughes, Randy Couture, and Chuck Liddell.

I love how Bellator has handled Fedor's final years - they've really treated him like the legend that he is in this sport. He's the heavyweight GOAT without question in my eyes, at least for now.

Throwback to when I went out to an authentic Russian restaurant with "The Last Emperor"....

ANYWAY, though - back to what provoked this blog, how about that elbow from Lorenz Larkin on the prelims?! Fucking insane, right? Just takes a short little wind up, perfect placement, and a whole lotta velocity to put a man's lights out with your elbow.

You may remember Larkin from his UFC days, as the guy who'd shave a bell into the side of his head….

Josh Hedges. Getty Images.

….but if you weren't aware, he's still fighting (for Bellator, obviously), and still throwing SHARP elbows.

Honestly, this may be the most ruthless hellbow in mixed martial arts since "Meatball" Molly's….


Not sure anything will ever beat that one happening IN LONDON, though. That was next level.

Tune into CBS, though - what else are ya doin? Reading Barstool? Toss on the fights!