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If You Think Duke UNC Has Lost Its Juice You Are An Absolute Idiot

Coming into today people all over were saying Duke-UNC has lost its juice. That no one should care about this game. Today those people look really stupid. 

They could be the two worst teams in the country and it would still have the juice. You don't have history anywhere else like these two teams. You cannot match the atmosphere this rivalry creates. Just because they are both unranked doesn't mean the game loses its juice. 

If you don't think people still care about this rivalry you just don't know ball. This is the first year Coach K hasn't been there in like 30 years and the game didn't miss a beat. Yeah I miss those days but between Davis and Scheyer this is going to be a classic for the next 30 years as well. People just like to hate on things but can't just accept how fucking cool that environment is and how big of a game it is. People were complaining like they would rather watch Kansas and Iowa state or Gonzaga vs St. Marys. If you actually want to watch those games over Duke Unc I don't think you can have an opinion on anything. That game was unbelievable and if you don't think so you are lying to yourself. 

I am not going to recap the game because that'll be boring but Duke did all of that without there best offensive player. So just remember that for March. They're a young team getting better by the day. That is a dangerous recipe for anyone matched up against them moving forward.