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No. 1 Purdue Losing Proved Once Again There Are No Great Teams In College Basketball And Why This Year Is Complete Mayhem

Congrats to pesky, small time Indiana for doing what the majority of teams should do. Win as favorites at home. Credit me for crediting Indiana there for that. I don't even blame their fans for storming the court against a program they claim to be their little brother. These fans don't know what winning is like at Indiana. They see a win over No. 1, they storm the court. College kids are usually dumb, I'll give them a pass. 

But really this just showed the whole of college basketball. There are no great teams. Purdue was rightfully ranked No. 1 because they had 1 loss on the year coming into this game. It made sense to have them No. 1, but there was always a debate as to who was the best team. People would say Alabama, Houston, Purdue or maybe someone like UCLA. 

In fact this very long (and very nerdy, if you're in this sort of thing) breakdown shows as much: 

I know usually when we see No. 1 loses there's freakout blogs or something like that. Nah. Not here. This is just Indiana as a favorite winning. That says more than what the AP has next to Purdue's number. Sure, TJD and JHS were awesome today. There's no doubting that. It's not even like Purdue outplayed IU and there was some freak play at the end. Indiana flat out beat Purdue. 

Because, again.

There are no great teams in college hoops. It's making this year fucking awesome for that reason. Typically at this point of the year we have like 4-5 teams that can realistically win a title. This year it feels way more open. There are a bunch of teams in the 15-22 range that can win it all. It's why every week it seems like we see 5-6 top-25 teams lose. Most of the time they aren't even upsets, just ranked teams losing. 

This loss isn't even a knock against Purdue. They are all who everyone thought. A good team. Arguably the best team in the country. But they were *supposed* to lose this game according to the odds. That's why I haven't really seen any overreaction - besides Indiana fans claiming they are back again. I believe this is the 4th or 5th time this decade these claims have been spoken. 

We're a month away from the NCAA Tournament. This has 2014 feels all over it again. 

PS: This guy really might have turned around Indiana's season