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Iowa Beat Me Today And I'm Here To Face The Music

Murder. Absolute murder. Hat tip to the Boys and Girls Club of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. You guys were great today. 

So was the basketball game: 

Iowa won. The refs helped. Whatever.

It's closure on maybe the most unnecessarily dramatic early February game in recent history. All over student ticket "scandals" which you can get refreshed on here from Reags: 

And myself: 

No doubt a juicy story and in return we get an epic game. One I'd love to see the Illini win and equally hate for them to lose. But hats off to Iowa for being the better team today at home. Or something sportsmanshipy like that. I'm trying to turn a page here guys I don't want to carry this baggage with me the rest of the year. Orange Krush should be cooking next time out and I'll be damned if they don't meet in the Big Ten Tourney. I'm owed at least one more McCaffrey triple threat jab step and Frabaca charge. 

There's a lot of positive takeaways. Dainja and Epps played well. You hang 75+ on the road. Nobody got into a fight. Composure throughout and just a completely different team than the one who struggled to compete early in conference. And if you recall, we stayed positive and declared a new season in January because Brad Underwood said so. He explicitly said they turned a corner and I think it's easy to agree that's been the case ever since. 

It's not Ayo and Kofi. It's far from Deron, Dee and Luther. But they're not a shabby fuckin team going into the last couple weeks of the season. 5-0 over the next 5 is in reach especially without any bullshit drama following this effort. They get their doors blown off today or collapse horribly, then it's a bigger story. But that's not the case and we can move on peacefully and by peacefully I mean like one thunderous storm ravaging the Big Ten Conference otherwise known as Hurricane Underwood. 

And congrats to the fellas at Four Shadows. Pleasure doing battle even though you're degenerates.