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This Hilariously Awful No-Call To End Tennessee/Auburn Showed Once Again The Biggest Problem In College Basketball Is Shitty Refs

This game sucked. No other way to put it. Gross offense all over the place. But somehow, once again, the story ends up being the same in college basketball. Refs stink. How do you miss this call? This is a clear cut foul. It's a foul in the first second of the game, it's a foul the last second of the game. This isn't letting the guys play. This is just not calling a clear foul. Steps up, no place to land, hits him up top and down low.

 It's atrocious. It's everything that I keep complaining about when it comes to officiating. There's no consistency. It's one thing to not call a handcheck. It's one thing to let a bang, bang play go. This is the easiest foul call I've seen in some time. Just no call, no fallout for the ref except a 'bad' grade ... maybe. We don't know what the refs actually get graded. There's no public records of it, just guys traveling all over the place getting games no matter what. 

Make the refs do a press conference. Make them answer. Shit, if we can review every two second out of bounds calls then surely we can fix this somehow.