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The Chinese Spy Balloon Has Finally Been Shot Down

AMERICA! Down goes the Chinese spy balloon! I repeat, down goes the Chinese spy balloon! Truly one of the great moments in our country's history. Under all the pressure, all the adversity, all the scrutiny we have once against risen above the rest to vanquish a fearsome threat. Wish we had Kevin Harlan on the call, but I guess beggars can't be choosers. 

THANK GOD we let this balloon float its way all across the United States before safely shooting it down via fighter jet. Hard to see anything wrong with that plan. 

Truly one of the more dumbfounding storylines I've ever followed. A fucking spy balloon from China just went on its merry way for a few days while we just watched. China claimed it was a civil weather balloon that was simply just off course by. a lot. Sure thing guys! 

Just imagine the monthly board meeting held by the China spy committee where they throw out all sorts of ideas on how to infiltrate our country. Gotta imagine the person who thought of the spy balloon plan was laughed out of the building at first. 

Well today that person is dancing and laughing. All the spy plans go through them for now on. Straight up hiding in plain sight and assuming we'd play it safe like this because of the unknown. Genius. Chess over checkers. 

At least this is over with. Now we just have to sit back and hope China held their word and this wasn't harmful in anyway. Comforting stuff!

P.S. Imagine being the fighter pilot tasked with doing away with the balloon? That's gotta be an awesome job to get tapped for. I mean it's a slow moving balloon, you can't fuck that up if you tried. Now they get to bring up at the bar that they took down the China spy balloon. 

Thank You PFT