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Iowa Brought Out The Boys And Girls Club On The Court To Emphasize Illinois Fans Were Scumbags Trying To Buy Tickets To The Game Posing As The Girls And Boys Club

To break this down fast Illinois fans have a group of them that call themselves the Orange Crush, which Carl blogged about extensively here. They put out a statement this week that said this:

To be fair, Illinois fans are the biggest die hard fans in college basketball. If you say one thing about them, they lose their fucking minds. They are soft, but I do respect the dedication to their team. So I read this and was like "Wow Iowa is scared as shit for 200 opposing fans coming to the game, which is a completely bad look for them. 

Well then I saw this... 

To me this was an absolute dunk on the Orange Crush fans because they even admitted to doing this after they made a statement. This to me was a group of fans flew way too close to the sun with nobody really caring what they did and then Iowa just dummied them. You can't do this shit to Iowa because they legitimately wave at the childrens hospital before every Iowa Football game and they are just a school that helps out the kids. 

The announcer is totally right though. This is why college basketball is the best. Trolling and pettiness is what will make this rivalry even better every single year. Next year Iowa should not let anyone in the building besides kids. Or Iowa fans need to buy a ton of tickets for their Boys And Girls club to go to a game at Illinois next year and see if they let them in. Probably not though because it seems like they just like to pose as a them.