THE MAC IS BACK - Conor McGregor & Michael Chandler Confirmed To Host The Ultimate Fighter Next Season

Dana White just went live to announce not only that Alex Pereira vs Israel Adesanya II and Jorge Masvidal vs Gilbert Burns will be happening IN MIAMI on April 8th, but also that THE KING IS BACK - Conor McGregor will coach the next season of The Ultimate Fighter against Michael Chandler. 

It kicks off in May, will run on ESPN and ESPN+ through August, and the coaches will fight at the conclusion.

This is an amazing comeback fight for McGregor in my eyes. Michael Chandler is an absolute savage who seemingly cares more about putting on a war for the fans than winning at this point, and I honestly think he's going to try to stand and bang with Conor in this one - especially after months of Conor getting in his head on The Ultimate Fighter. Chandler's also notoriously hittable, as he's been dropped in 4/5 of his fights in the UFC (by Dustin Poirier, Tony Ferguson, Justin Gaethje, and Charles Oliveira), and Conor's got the height/reach on him, but don't get me wrong - this is also not a "tune up" in the slightest. Michael Chandler is a BAD MOTHER FUCKER. 


This is the kind of fight the UFC may realistically give Conor McGregor a title shot off of if he wins - whether you like it or not.

As far as the actual show goes, I legitimately think The Ultimate Fighter is going to be one of the biggest programs on television this Spring/Summer. I don't know who the hell isn't going to watch these two maniacs going at it every week, especially in the dog days of Summer when nothing but baseball is on. It's probably going to be the most entertaining season ever.

Just take a look at some highlights of McGregor's last stint on the show against Urijah Faber, who he wasn't even fighting at the end of the season....

If you think THAT was amazing, now imagine this new 'something-to-prove' Conor returning from injury, getting back to that locked-in/disciplined mindset, and trying to claw into Michael Chandler's head with mental warfare over the course of four months. 

Hell, if you're on the other side, and you HATE Conor McGregor and LOVE Michael Chandler, you should be all about this too! Chandler's AMAZING call-out worked....

….and he's about to get the biggest payday of his life, coupled with the recognition he deserves (on a worldwide level) for the career that he's had. Plus, if he beats Conor? He's immortal in this sport. 

I don't know Chandler well, but I know he's very friendly with a ton of the guys here like Will Compton, and I'm honestly really happy for the guy. I'm officially declaring him (and Will Compton) enemies from here on out, but I'm happy for 'em.


It's going to be must-watch television. I'm fucking thrilled that this is happening. This is peak UFC. This is why we watch.

UPDATE: Oh shit! The Boys got the very first interview with Michael Chandler about this news! Check it out right now!