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Arturo Disla. Learn the Name.

We're a few weeks out from MLB spring training but the college baseball season is well under way. And on that front, our good friend Arturo Ham Steak Disla's off to a scorching start. Friend of the program Stephen Schoch is all over the Wayland Baptist baseball team coverage this season which should surprise absolutely no one

You don't need the big leagues for fireworks. It's early February and we already have the juices flowing. So much that I want to use this opportunity to highlight a perfect homerun trot. Wait until November and I don't think we'll witness such polish around the bases again all season. It's honestly perfect and demanding of a full breakdown

Quite literally off the bat, you love a one hand grip. And that's skipping the part where he has great extension and a full leg lift. We're talking exclusively home run trot and the big fella is off to a great start

Couple steps out of the box and he's still holding it. No disrespect as the trot has immediately commenced. He's being delicate to his tool

But then you see the power and ease in which he releases it from the barrel for a perfectly parallel drop for maximum softness. He'll dent it plenty over the course of the season. Can't waste solid impact on a sloppy toss

A quick glance in the dugout. Nothing flashy. Nothing over the top. Just letting the boys know he sees and hears and appreciates them.

Next step is getting low and meeting the 1st base coach for some low, coordinated love. Big takeaway here is that impact point with the low-five is sync'd perfectly with the impact point at first base. A flawlessly executed exchange between coach and player that, again, demonstrates just how routine it is for Arturo Disla to absolutely shit on baseballs. 

On this alone, before he even rounds 1st base, you can write a near full scouting report on this big sumbitch. 

But we're not done because there's two more critical factors here that really drive the score. You need full motion for full appreciation.

Same feeling when you see a grizzly bear climb a tree for the first time and you didn't know they had that in them. That's how I feel about Arturo Disla's Soriano Hop around 3rd. I didn't know it could be so smooth on such a large scale. 

But the finishing move is some shit out of Mortal Kombat. Unbelievable combination about to thrown: 

1. Sign of the Cross

2. Finger to kips for a kiss

3. Point to the sky into 

4. Fluid helmet removal before even reaching home plate DIRT

5. Respectful to his teammate in the on-deck circle

6. Then explodes with the dugout

Folks if you want to teach the youngsters how to hit a HR like a real big leaguer without any of the pressure of making the big leagues, show them Arturo Disla. Model your kid's game after this guy and nobody's gonna be disappointed at the end of the day. Everybody loves a big guy who mashes that's just a fact.