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ANOTHER REAL NBA FIGHT: Mo Bamba Comes Off The Bench To Throw Actual Punches With Austin Rivers

Credit these guys here because this is an actual fight. These are actual punches and no hold me back bullshit. They wanted to fight, they did just that. Even more credit for the lack of nut taps. Can't start a fight with nut taps, not at this level, Dillon Brooks. Start it by trying to punch the shit out of each others faces. That's how it's done. 

Impressive move by Jalen Suggs there too. I don't know his exact plan, but it was grab Austin Rivers' head and hope for the best. I really think he was about to go for a punch before Taurean Prince came flying in. Well played all around. You had teammates sticking up for teammates. You had guys willing to throw actual punches. That's the real development here. 

I'll say this, you rarely see someone on the bench come off to confront someone like Bamba did here. Usually this is where the ultimate hold me back comes into play. But something was said. Not sure by who or who started it. But Mo Bamba was ready to toss everyone aside to beat up Austin Rivers. Give me some of this though. Stop this friendly bullshit all over the place on the court. 

Now I have to declare a winner. I was ready to say Mo Bamba. Dude was ready to fight, came off the bench, has a song about him and everything. But then I saw his Instagram post: 

Editing the word fuck? Using a meme that is overused? Gotta let Rivers get one more punch in now. 

PS: Great tweet by Donovan Mitchell. Can't believe Macrodosing still has everyone talking about scripts