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Italian Mafia Hitman Who Allegedly Dissolved Bodies In Acid Has Been Found After Almost 20 Years Working As A Pizza Maker In France

Yet another big time Mafioso out of Italy has been been apprehended. This time, it's a loveable pizzamaker who many thought had created a new life in France coming from Italy was actually a brutal Mafia hitman on the run 20 years even after beating two men who were rivals to death and dissolving their bodies in acid in the southern Italian town on Cosenza. 

He used the alias Paolo Dimitrio while living in France, the BBC reported. His photo appeared in a local newspaper in July 2021, where he advertised his restaurant’s Italian cooking. The article said Greco, identified as Dimitrio, was Italian-born but a true Saint-Étienne local. 

Sounds like the Carabinieri had been on his trail since then and were able to put things together through surveillance and finally had enough to bring him in. The article about the restaurant claimed the place also had "regional and home-made recipes" such as ravioli, risotto and tagliatelle. Sounds pretty damn good on a cold Friday night if I'm being honest. 

In 2006, Greco, was given a life sentence for two murders and an attempted murder as part of a war between the Pino Sena and Perna Pranno factions of the 'Ndrangheta in the early 1990's. He was able to evade prison by allegedly falsifying medical records, meaning he could not be detained and slipped through the system. He escaped custody in 2006 and has been wanted since. The 'Ndrangheta is a trans-national criminal organization that basically controls drug trafficking across the continent of Europe and that group has been the main focal point of the Mafia in Italy for decades. It's estimated they make 50-75 billion dollars per year and they have people in hundreds of countries worldwide also working in extortion, arms trafficking and much more. They work hand in hand with Asian drug originators, the Mexican drug cartels as well as Irish and English crime gangs. 


When it comes to the Mafia, this is the real Mafia, a depraved group that controls every level of life in a country marred by corruption. They rule with the most iron of fists. Mr. Greco has lived in plain sight for over a decade, as we know though with Interpol, the DEA whatever. They are never going to stop looking for you. 

I'm sure the locals in France will miss the real taste of Italian food from "Mr. Dimitrio".