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Awful Scene At Pebble Beach After A Caddie Collapsed During Play

A caddie for an amateur collapsed during play in the second round of the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, leading to a nightmarish scene in the 11th fairway. ESPN’s Paola Ugetti saw the whole thing unfold—ambulances were called to the course, where first responders administered CPR. 

For those not familiar with this tournament, each professional is paired up with an amateur partner for the entirety of the week. This caddie was working for one of the amateurs in a grouping with professionals Beau Hossler and Max McGreevy. 

According to Ugetti, a PGA Tour official tried to get Hossler and McGreevy to immediately continue playing—which, if true, is remarkably tone deaf. First and foremost, a human life is infinitely more important than the pace-of-play of a golf tournament. But there’s also the optics piece; the NFL got hammered for even considering restarting the game after Damar Hamlin collapsed. 

There is, thankfully, some good news—the caddie is apparently doing better and has resumed breathing. A source reached out to me with some additional details: the man suffered an apparent heart attack after walking up the famously steep 11th fairway and was unconscious for roughly half an hour before his condition improved. 

The PGA Tour released a statement regarding the incident:

“During the second round of the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, there was a medical emergency at No. 11 at Pebble Beach involving an amateur’s caddie,” the statement reads. “The caddie has been rushed to Montage Health for evaluation.

“At the direction of the PGA TOUR rules committee, the players in that group — Max McGreevy and Beau Hossler — paused play during the medical emergency and will be allowed to warm up and resume their round shortly. We will provide additional details when available.”

Definitely some interesting wording there…not sure “allowed to resume” is as accurate as “forced to resume,” but maybe I’m off base. Will definitely be interesting to see what McGreevy and Hossler have to say about this when they finish their rounds, whenever that may be.