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Tennessee Lawmakers Are Leading The Way And Attempting To Make The Monday Following The Super Bowl A Holiday

WATE — Two Democratic lawmakers are seeking to remove Columbus Day as an official holiday in Tennessee in favor of a different day of celebration: the day after the Super Bowl. 

Rep. Joe Towns Jr. (D—Memphis) and Sen. London Lamar (D—Memphis) introduced a bill this week that would designate the first Monday after the Super Bowl as a legal holiday while removing the official recognition of Columbus Day.

The bill would delete the language in the current Tennessee Code Annotated that designates “the second Monday in October, known as ‘Columbus Day,’” as a holiday while inserting “the first Monday after the Super Bowl,” as a new holiday, known as “Super Bowl Monday” in the bill text. 

It's about time the libs' woke agenda gave us something worthwhile. I know we've been canceling Columbus Day for a few years now, so just go ahead and replace that thing with a holiday the people actually want. I would have been at the front of the line picketing against Columbus a decade ago if getting the Monday after the Super Bowl off was an option.

I'd offer up any Monday government holiday on the calendar other than Memorial Day — thank you to our troops — to get Super Bowl Monday on the books. Let's get this signed, sealed and delivered before next Sunday.

I hope other states and the federal government follow the great example being set by Tennessee.