BREAKING: Kyrie Irving Has Officially Requested A Trade From The Brooklyn Nets

Sarah Stier. Getty Images.


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You know, things were quiet, maybe a little too quiet with 6 days to go before the NBA trade deadline. The only real rumors we got today were the Heat were interested in players we all know they aren't going to get.

But this? This is real and it's massive.

First it was Kevin Durant who demanded a trade, then he walked that back, and now here we are a few months later with Kyrie now being the one who demands a trade. Once the Nets decided they weren't going to offer Kyrie that extension this summer, you always knew this was possible but once the Nets started to look pretty decent when healthy I think most figured we would at least see how the rest of the year played out.

As it turns out, nothing has changed. The Nets are still a disaster, Ben Simmons is back to not playing, and now another one of their franchise pillars wants to be traded and he wants it done in the next 6 days. I'd say that's a pretty MASSIVE domino to drop as we enter the trade deadline and it makes me wonder about another report we got today…

Is this it? Are we about to get a Kyrie for Westbrook swap? How many teams right now are lining up to trade for Kyrie Irving right now knowing he can walk for nothing after this season? Who in their right mind if giving up anything of value for that while also knowing that Kyrie isn't exactly someone you want to build your team around? It's basically the Lakers when you think about it. The Nets get off the Westbrook money and maybe get one of those unprotected picks. 

Tell me that doesn't sound plausible.

If you're going to go the route of trading Kyrie, do the Nets completely blow it up? It's not like they are out of the race in the East, especially once Durant gets back. But I imagine swapping Kyrie for Westbrook sort of screws up your dreams about contending. Can you imagine a lineup with both Westbrook AND Simmons on the floor at the same time? Poor KD is going to hate his life.

What I do know is once the cat is out of the bag with Kyrie, you're cooked. I've lived this exact scenario. There was no long term extension, so Kyrie took his talents elsewhere. I know this might be upsetting to Nets fans, but I promise you, you'll be OK. You won't miss the headache, and Kyrie's talent only takes you so far.

So I'm calling it now. Kyrie will be a Laker by this time next week. You know LeBron is demanding it as we speak, and he usually gets what he wants.