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One Of The Wildest College Hoops Clips You'll See - EIU Player Unloads A Massive Slap On A Fan While Teammate Dunks All Over Someone

There's ... a lot going on here. I don't know how else to explain it. I've searched high and low at the time of writing this for a backstory. What was said? How is there this much bad blood between Eastern Illinois and Lindenwood - two teams who suck. Well, outside of EIU beating Iowa, two teams that suck. How much of that slap even connected? Did the fan have a right to immediately cry to the ref? 

All that's going on while there's a disgusting dunk in the background. I've never and I mean I've never seen something like this in college basketball. Not even close. That dunk was impressive too! Good thing it counted. Not that it mattered because EIU got their asses kicked. But I'd be livid if I had a dunk like that and it didn't count because my teammate is attempting to slap a fan.

Speaking of that slap. He clearly doesn't full connect. But he wound up going for it. There was some juice coming through on that bad boy that would make Will Smith jealous. He did the math in his head and realized he thought it was worth it. Tried to slap the everliving shit out of him. One of the clearcut technicals I can actually agree with. You can't be slapping fans. Hilarious that he didn't even stop midplay. Just had to try to slap that guy. 

Start to finish. One of the weirdest, wildest clips we'll see. God bless mid major college basketball.