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Smart: Clemson's Brevin Galloway Signed An NIL Deal To Pay His Hospital Bill After He Had A Viral Video Explaining His Balls Exploded

This is why NIL is awesome. Anyone who complains about it, needs to remember this story. Clemson's Brevin Galloway went viral last week when he posted a video from his hospital bed explaining his balls were exploding: 

And now he gets to not worry about his hospital bill and get some cash. He even knows it: 

Sure, I wouldn't want my balls to be exploding. Sounds miserable and terrifying all at once. In terms of injuries that's bottom tier. But at least he's profiting off of it. That's what you're supposed to do in the NIL world. Go viral, get some money that you wouldn't have before and make a joke out of it. This is where NIL is perfect. It's not pay for play, it's exactly name, image and likeness + marketing. 

Still laugh at that video. The end with the Go Tigers is laugh out loud funny. Dude is out of his mind and nailed it. Well done all around.