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California Woman Linked To 1986 Cold Case Murder Via 23 And Me Test Results

First off, I don't do TikTok. I have enough shit rotting my brain and I've heard TikTok is addictive AF, so I've never had one. That's called being a responsible adult. On that note, this lady needs to never do that TikTok filter voice thing she did in the video above. It makes social media Hannah's voice sound like Norah Jones. I mean goddamn that was fucked up. 

Let's get to brass tacks though. This is a pretty wild story. Here's the excerpt from Daily Mail

Jacquleine 'Jackie' Vadurro, of Palm Springs, found herself 'living in my own Dateline episode' after San Diego cold case homicide detectives gave her a call to inform her that her DNA might match a woman who was brutally murdered in 1986. 

'Now they think that I might be her family member because of my DNA that I uploaded to 23andMe,' Vadurro said in the TikTok. 'First I thought it was scam, and I was like: "Oh my God, they're going to like clone me, ya know, who wouldn't want another one of me." But then I looked into it and they sent me their credentials and everything and I called the homicide department. 

'They were legit. It was a real thing, super legit.' 

Police departments do not have access to 23andMe data, but had connected Vadurro through a long-lost cousin whose DNA had already been in the GED Match system. In order for them to potentially match Vadurro to the case, she had to upload her 23andMe results into the system.

And here are the TikTok updates:

It's truly a fascinating story and I recommend watching all of the TikToks to get the full rundown on this situation, as there is a whole lot to unpack. 

My mom was adopted at birth and when she was old enough to walk, talk, formulate sentences and all that, her parents told her she was adopted. I never got the full story on the how or why because my mom never gave a shit to know the how or why. To my mom, her adopted parents were her "real" parents and she never gave a shit to find her biological parents.

But… I've always kinda/sorta wanted to know my roots. Just for curiosity's sake, though. Not because I want to meet my biological grandparents. Meeting people is the worst and like my mom, my grandparents are my "real" grandparents. That, and I'm a humble guy. I wouldn't want my biological grandparents to know they fucked up by letting their daughter that gave birth to a superstar internet personality that makes millions of people laugh on a daily basis slip through their fingers. That'd just be rubbing it in. 

It would be cool to find out if my my biological grandparents were in the Royal Family or some shit and my mom was a bastard child that was discarded as a means to not sully the family name, making me the true heir to the Iron Throne. Or axe murderers. Or viking conquerers. Or they were shot in the chest and left on the side of the street. All of that would be sweet and would just add to my allure as a superstar.

On the flip side I could also find out I have disgusting greaseball blood in me. That would ruin my life. Kinda like the Clayton Bigsby finding out he was actually a black man at the Klan rally in Chapelle's show. Wouldn't want that. Maybe ignorance is bliss?