Of Course There Were Multiple Brawls With Haymakers Being Thrown Wildly In The Stands At Premier League Darts In Belfast

First things first. The fact there was a brawl in the stands at Premier League Darts in Belfast? Least shocking thing ever. That said, gotta compliment the guy in the red sweater. Just casually strolling out of there. He wanted nothing to do with brawling. Just headed to safety and made no business of anything. Love that guy. You know he's seen his fair share of fights and probably worn out. A vet of the game if you will. 

As for the brawls? Legit haymakers. From everyone too. Guys, girls, it doesn't matter. They are there to brawl and brawling they did. You know this is over in Northern Ireland because even women in dresses are climbing over seats get punches in. They got dolled up just to throw down. That's impressive honestly, but also just a Wednesday night in Belfast. 

Then there's the two guys going punch for punch. They both eat them while the guy filming is laughing. That's the true ridiculous part. Here in the US we get the screaming and telling people to stop. This video just has someone laughing. Mean on one hand, hilarious on the other. I don't even know how or why one would get into a brawl in the stands during darts. 

Shout out everyone for not hitting the ground. Way to eat those punches.