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Semi-Genius Thief Caught Stealing A Semi-Truck After He Was Spotted Spray Painting A Semi-Truck In A Hotel Parking Lot

Reinier Lazaro Perez and Dayanly Cutino Gonzalez were spotted behind the Days Inn in Palm Coast Florida. They were spray painting a Peterbilt semi-tractor in the back corner of the parking lot. The hotel is located just off I95, we’ll get back to that. Someone (who obviously can’t mind they own business) thought that someone spray painting a semi truck in the parking lot of a hotel was suspicious. So they called the cops. When Flagler County Sheriff’s Office  deputies arrived the two dropped the cans took off running along Southbound I95. That’s your escape plan?

The recovered semi-tractor is valued at $280,000. The semi-tractor’s original color is pink (really). The pair were in the process of spray painting the stolen semi-tractor red to conceal its original color when deputies arrived. Makes sense. I’m actually impressed with how good their paint job was coming along. They even took the time to tape it off. The semi-tractor’s GPS had been disabled and removed but was found nearby in the woods.

Honestly, that paint job isn't too bad. Sure, I also know that the picture is pretty far back. There's simply no way you can tell if there are streaks, blemishes, or other unsavory paint skills on display. Nevertheless, it looks pretty good. 

That being said, I love this story. One night you're sitting up watching some Netflix, despite the fact that their new "no sharing policy" is an absolute shake down, and you come across some good ole fashioned heist films. There's always an older guy who is clearly very wise but, more so than wise, he's cunning. He's streetsmart. He's been around the block a few times and that block is in a bad part of town. So when he comes to you with a plot so thick that you need to be thieves, you don't say no. You take your ass down to the local Walmart -whose owners just pulled off a pretty big trade to the Saint for Sean Payton- and ask the clerk to open the spray paint cabinet. 

Let's see… let's see. What do we have about 50 cans so that we can cover an ENTIRE FUCKING SEMI TRUCK with the same color? Pink? No. The semi is already pink. Yellow? No. That's too bright and an uncommon semi-truck color like pink so that won't do. Black? Nah. There are already one million black semi trucks so you don't wanna blend in AT ALL. You need something that will stand out but not in like a tacky way. Orange? No. Too fruity. 

Red. Buddy, yes. Red is the perfect color…. until you get caught, go to prison for grand theft, and then are released 15 years later. Are you repentant for your actions? No. You're already eying the next hit. Stealing is like meth in that regard. It's another semi-truck and this time the factor color is green,,, like money. For old-time sake, you head back to that same Walmart, open that same cabinet, and get 50 more cans of red spray paint. This time the plot will work even if it kills you. Call that Red Dead Redemption.