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Lost In The Dillon Brooks/Donovan Mitchell Nut Tap Fight Was Kevin Harlan Reminding The World He's Made For Moments Like This

I can't stop laughing at Kevin Harlan, who reminded the world he's the best at weird situations like this. Just straight up yelling boink as Reggie Miller was confused as to what was going on. Seriously, how did Reggie Miller not realize Brooks drilled Mitchell in the balls? I know Reggie Miller sucks. I know Reggie Miller was a cheater during his playing days, but have some eyes. 

Anywho, this just reminded me of the illustrious career Harlan has had calling weird events: 

He's the best. He's got an iconic voice and iconic calls. He deserves better than being paired with Reggie Miller that's for sure. But the man is going to deliver lines when shit starts to hit the fan. Boink is perfect. It's the only way to describe Dillon Brooks drilling someone in the balls. Oh and never forget the iconic Dillon Brooks play: 

Can't be hitting people in the nuts man. You got everything coming your way.