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You Guys Are Assholes For Not Telling Me Jane Fonda Is An All Time Smoke

As I mentioned earlier, Ed and I took a field trip to see 80 for Brady yesterday. Jane Fonda was the star of the movie, and though she was 80, she was a sexy little minx in it: 

Giphy Images.

Or at least as sexy as an 80 year old woman can possibly be. Never the less, it piqued my interest. I started pondering questions like, "what did Jane Fonda look like in the 80s? Or 70s? Or 60s?

I whipped out my iPhone 14+ Pro and instantly googled her in each decade. I wasn't disappointed - she's an ageless smoke. I don't know what rock I'm living under where I never realized that, but goddamn 1969 Jane Fonda was a forest fire: 

As was 1970s Jane Fonda: 

As was 1980's Jane Fonda: 

I could do without the 1980s style of hairdos, but that's her falling victim to being a product of the environment. Can't fault anyone for that; I had florescent yellow hair in the summer of 1999. Looking back, that was completely unbecoming behavior, but it was the "cool" and "hip" thing to do, so I did it. 

Now the environment is a product of me. I am a leader and people follow my every move. That's a different blog for a different time though. Let's get back to Jane Fonda. Here are a few pics of her throughout the years. We had to pay for these pics so there's only a few, but you'll pick up what I'm laying down after the first one:

Bettmann. Getty Images.
Silver Screen Collection. Getty Images.
Silver Screen Collection. Getty Images.
Silver Screen Collection. Getty Images.
Silver Screen Collection. Getty Images.

That'll do! Just look at that gate. Immaculate. I'm still mad at you guys for not telling me about the goddess that is/was Jane Fonda, but I forgive you. I still think 80 for Brady was an abomination to our lord and savior Jesus Christ, but that's fine. Attractive women get away with murder, so I can forgive her for starring in that travesty of a "film".