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Jon Heyman Says That One Doctor Claims Carlos Correa "Has The Worst Ankle He's Seen"

I truly don't think this Carlos Correa saga will ever end. Stuff just keeps on trickling out and it is juicy as hell. Jon Heyman wrote a piece yesterday talking about how newly signed Mets star Kodai Senga also had an iffy physical, this one came before the Correa failed physical. But lost in the article was the fact that Heyman reporting what a doctor said about Correa's ankle:

NY Post-  Meantime, Carlos Correa’s three deals did provide a lot of drama. But in the end, he may have gotten the right deal — six years with a high $33.3 million annual average — following a lot of headlines. One rival exec predicted no one will ever again get $200M after two failures (one doctor suggested Correa has the worst ankle he’s seen) and called it a “Houdini” job to get that much after a “collapsed market.” But the Twins love him and pay no tax.

This doesn't really make sense to me. The ankle isn't an issue with Correa, it hasn't been an issue since he originally injured it and had surgery on it in 2014. That is 9 seasons ago, wouldn't you think something would have popped up with it since? A tweak, a sprain, something? But no, all Carlos' injuries are his back, has nothing to do with his ankle. Yet we still get reports about how terrifying his ankle is and it honestly sounds like he's lucky to even be able to walk on it. 

I envision some doctor looking at an x-ray of Correa's ankle and it's got a paperclip in it, several pieces of duct tape around it, and it's all just stapled together. If in 4-5 years it turns out to be a problem, then the Giants and the Mets will be in the clear. Nut if he goes another 9 seasons with nothing happening to that ankle....what can the doctors even say? Many people think this is just Heyman being Heyman and stirring the pot since he's usually a Boras mouthpiece. So why would he be speaking out against his guy's client? And how is this doctor now openly talking about a patient's evaluation? HIPPA? This whole thing is odd.

I just can't get behind this doctor, sounds like a hit piece if you ask me. Someone is trying to save face. Regardless, I think all of these ankles are MUCH worse off than Carlos'.