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James Harden Took To Instagram To Voice His Displeasure About Not Making The All-Star Team And He's Not Wrong

Keizo Mori. Shutterstock Images.

James Harden is having a phenomenal year for a Philadelphia 76ers team that sits at 33-17 and only three games back of the #1 seed in the rough and tumble Eastern Conference. Harden is averaging 21.4 points, 6.4 rebounds, and what would be a league leading 11.0 assists had he played in a few more games to be eligible. Additionally, he's shooting 44.9% which is tied for the 4th best of his illustrious career and shooting a career high 39.4% from downtown. 

I especially appreciate that last number as he just cashed my Daily NBA Prop on Wednesday with three triples in less than 20 minutes of action.

So when the All-Star reserves were announced today, Harden figured to be a shoe-in.

But with Harden left off, people were left wondering how he felt. Well he didn't take long to post a reaction on his instagram story:

His teammates were sticking up for him.

And they're all right. James Harden has been awesome this season.

When you put it this way, it's nuts.

And then when you see others that made it over him…

Hopefully keeps playing great cashing some props regardless of the All Star snub. If you like to bet on the NBA, make sure to follow @TrustTheData on twitter and instagram and support the brand by buying a hat!