Chalk Up A Huge L For Males Of The World: A Man Is Suing A Woman for $2.3 Million Dollars Because "She Friend Zoned" Him

Washington Post - A man in Singapore is seeking more than $2 million in legal damages against a woman who he said caused him trauma after she rebuffed his romantic advances and told him she saw him only as a friend.

The man, identified as drone racing executive K. Kawshigan in legal documents, alleged in a defamation lawsuit set to be heard in Singapore’s High Court next week that the woman’s rejection caused him “sustained trauma” and “reductions in his earning capacity.” The suit, which the woman is contesting, seeks about $2.3 million in damages for the alleged harm of being friend-zoned.

Upon reading this, a song immediately came to mind.


(Remember this joint? Shit won an Oscar for best original song which is insane when you think about it.)

(Sidebar- wanna see a pimp in action? Check out Shams feeding soup to Kay Adams live on air last night. That’s a Loyola Chicago man right there. Smooth as a baby’s ass. Well done sir.)

… back to the blog. And the Three Six Mafia song…

Because this guy, "drone racing executive"  K. Kawshigan, is a true pimp in his own mind and in his own mind only.

What fucking planet is this guy on? 

This loser filed this lawsuit after she rejected his advances and prompted “sustained trauma” and “reductions in his earning capacity”? Seriously bro?

This sounds like a made-up scenario from the Alex Bennet and Jordyn podcast or something. But it's even sadder because it's not, it's true. 

What's even sadder is there are still places on planet Earth, like Singapore apparently, where rubbish lawsuits like this actually have merit. The fact a court is even considering hearing this case is bonkers. 

The article continued…

The lawsuit illustrates a challenge faced by women around the world: That men sometimes feel entitled to their affection. “Women do not owe men their time or attention, much less their friendship, love, sexual activity or emotional labor,” Aware Singapore, which advocates for women’s rights and gender equality, said in a statement regarding the lawsuit. “Attempting to demand or coerce these things, via legal means or otherwise, can constitute harassment.”

Now I am far from what you would call a feminist, but as a realist and a founding member of the common-sense political party, I proudly agree with this sentiment. 

BUT, and a biggggg but here, there is almost always a catch in these situations. And as I continued to read, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop…

Kawshigan first met the woman in a “social setting” in 2016, according to the magistrate court’s ruling. “Over time, their friendship developed, but problems began to arise” in September 2020, when “they became misaligned about how they saw their relationship.”

The woman saw Kawshigan as a friend, while Kawshigan “considered her to be his ‘closest friend,’” according to court records, which said that she asked to see Kawshigan less frequently, upsetting him. He said such action would be “taking a step back” in their “relationship.” She in turn said they needed to set boundaries, urging Kawshigan to be “self-reliant.” Kawshigan, according to the ruling, “did not react well to this.”

He sent the woman a letter in October 2020 threatening legal action for damages stemming from “emotional distress and possible defamation.” She told Kawshigan that she was genuinely uncomfortable. He threatened that if she did not comply with his demands, she would face “damages to her personal and professional endeavors.

(Holy shit man. Be more of a pussy. You can't.)

But the shoe never dropped…

I kept waiting for the part where he spoiled this girl with lavish gifts, trips to Fiji, the finest designer everything, thousand-dollar dinners, her own furnished apartment, etc. All the shit sugar daddy sponsors do for their w̶h̶o̶r̶e̶s̶ companions. 

But it never happened!

Giphy Images.

This guy wasn't even banging this chick first off. And by the looks of it, they never even hooked up. Even one of those times she let her guard down, had a few drinks, and was pissed off at a guy she was banging- which is the exact moment these friend-zone, incel creeps wait for. 


We all know these guys. And if you don't, chances are because you are one.

The guy who's not gay, but is for some reason buddies with some absurdly gorgeous girl. Usually has been since high school. Or college. She sees him as a friend, a confidant. A guy to bounce shit off of, vent about her boy problems to, to get a male perspective, and that she can name-drop to guys she's interested in to make them jealous/apprehensive. 

They're epitomized perfectly by this guy from the film "Not Another Teen Movie"

These guys are snakes in the grass. Not to be trusted. If your girl has or had one, you know all too well what backstabbers they are. And I'm willing to bet the house that this guy, the drone racing exec (lol) K. Kawshigan, fit this mold to a t. 

In fact, I'm also willing to bet what sparked this whole thing was his "friend", aka the girl he was infatuated with, started getting piped out by another guy, and suddenly couldn't make time for his needy ass anymore. He became furious, and jealous, gave her an ultimatum, she blew him off, so he threatened a lawsuit. She laughed in his face so he filed it. Cuck City. Population drone racing exec K. Kawshigan. 

It really is sad. 

I wonder what a true alpha like Big Jim would say about this…