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BASKETBALL FIGHT! Dillon Brooks Casually Tried To Nut Tap Donovan Mitchell And A Benches-Clearing Scuffle Ensued

WOW. At first it looked like Donovan Mitchell was pissed off that Dillion Brooks landed on his foot, motivating him to spike the ball at him and try to straight-up knock him the fuck out. Turns out, another angle showed Brooks try to hit Mitchell in the nether regions, and the Cavaliers superstar did not take too kindly to that move.

Brooks was assessed a Flagrant 2 foul and was ejected along with Mitchell. My absolute favorite part of this whole saga was the Grizzlies trainer who straight-up tackled Brooks to the ground. 

Impeccable form to get him on the ground, and one hell of a ballsy move. You could easily just bounce off an elite athlete and look like an idiot. What a damn hero.

I think it was kind of bullshit that Mitchell had his balls threatened by Brooks and merely retaliated like a normal human being in a highly competitive situation would. PLUS, the hardwood artist known as Spida was falling out of bounds, so at least his incensed act of aggression was within the spirit of the game. I guess the violent shove afterwards sealed his fate, even though it shouldn't have.

Too bad that scuffle marred what was otherwise a fun matchup between two of the NBA's best young, ascending teams. In all seriousness, as entertaining as altercations like this are to behold — and how surprising/unusual they are compared to, say, a hockey brawl — it's good to see things calmed down before anyone got seriously hurt.

Put some ice on those nads, Donovan.

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