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Derek Carr Absolutely Crushed His One-Liner About Leaving The Raiders After Dominating The Pro Bowl Passing Skills Competition

I'm pretty sure every time I've seen Derek Carr on my TV, I've felt meh about him. He's not bad but he's not great either. He's perfectly fine if not unspectacular at what he does, like a Saltines cracker. You get that bad boy around a good soup/team, you are in a pretty good place. But if you need it to carry the load, you are fucked.

Despite all that, I'm officially moving Derek Carr up my Quarterback Power Rankings board. Not because of how many points Derek scored in this NFL Field Day competition, which pretty much was an open workout for 31 other teams.

But because that answer showed some personality that for once didn't include eyeliner or crying. 

Having that joke loaded in the holster as everyone else watching in person and at home know your team is actively loading to move you raises Carr's Awareness level at least 5 points in my book considering roughly half the internet said this is how Derek was going to show up to the Pro Bowl.

Which he actually did.

Even Derek's smirk tells you just how proud he was of all this.

That's the look of a man that knows he not only crushed his one-liner and doesn't have to go on daily trips to P.F. Chang's with his boss anymore, but also may have found a new home thanks to throwing at moving dummies.