The Once Proud Jerry Jones Is Throwing a Parade Because The Cowboys Beat Tom Brady In His Last Game



I think it's official- not only are the Cowboys not "America's Team" anymore, they are officially the softest team in all of professional sports. And I'm not just saying that because I hate the Cowboys- I'm an honest journalist, after all. But look at what the Cowboys have become. First Micah Parsons is singing Kumbaya and rooting for the division rival Eagles in the Super Bowl.



Then Micah Parsons got triggered that Reags called him out on it, which is hysterical.



When I saw that tweet I gasped. I cannot imagine a Washington player openly rooting for a division rival. Even though the rivalry isn't what it used to be because of Dan Snyder, if a Washington player was rooting for the Eagles and then got butt-hurt people called him out on it, the lines on WJFK would be lit for 3 straight months trying to trade him. But that's who the Cowboys are now, soft, pathetic, cheerleaders who can't make the Super Bowl themselves so they put on their skirts and pick up their pom-poms for their most hated rivals.

And then yesterday, the cherry on top- Jerry Jones throwing a parade because the Cowboys won Tom Brady's last game. WOAHHHHH, GOOD FOR YOU JERRY!!!!! That's how low he's sunk. The Cowboys used to be "Super Bowl or Bust", now he raises a banner for winning a Wild Card game. I think if you're the biggest Cowboys fan in the world you look at this and wonder what went wrong and how it got to this point. Rooting for rivals and bragging about Wild Card wins. Is that the Cowboys identity now? Sad, so sad to see.