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Maxx Crosby Dummied Joey Bosa And Called Him A Cry Baby

First shout out Bussin With The Boys for having Maxx on and he is a guy I don't want to fuck with. This man is an absolute menace on the field and he put this perfectly. I think when you are one of the best players on defense, you probably get held almost every single play until they get caught. I think complaining to the refs is a fan's job and if you want to say something to them during the game, go for it. But complaining about them after makes you sound like a big pussy. 

These refs are humans and some humans are real petty. At some point, these refs are going to see Joey Bosa being held a little bit and they aren't going to call it for shit because he wined like a little baby after losing. I think you just need to be better than that when you are at the top of the league. I've never seen someone lose so much even after they lost in the playoffs. People turned on him after the comments of the ref, then he got trolled by a drunk Philly fan, and then got was disrespected by one of the best defenders in the game. A little piece of advice Joey. Just stay quiet for a little bit and Snapchat your butt buddies. 

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