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I May Have Done A Terrible Disservice To My Friend Francis

Harvard graduate Former Fordham Law School dropout, Francis Ellis is a friend of mine. He won Barstool Idol not long after I had started working here and we struck up a friendship soon after that. It mainly consisted of him coming downstairs to the business floor and yelling my name very loudly and incorrectly (on purpose) to embarrass me. That was a nice little ice breaker and then we'd talk about all sorts of things. It was a nice break in the day. I feel like I was his main non-content outlet and we remained pals after he was canned from Barstool years ago.

When he returned to the stool and stars, I was excited to have my buddy back in the fold. It was not long after the NBA season had started and I had picked up some steam with my Trust the Data NBA prop bets. Now every so often, Francis can still be seen sitting courtside with his feet on the wood in Boston for a Celtics game, rubbing elbows with the likes of Dave Portnoy (not intentionally), Bill Belichick, and other New England elite. But I honestly had no idea he liked betting on roundball. But we got to talking one day and he said he'd start taking my picks and he followed through consistently. After a few weeks, we'd gotten pretty hot and he started coming up to me every morning hungry for the pick. He told me he was saving up for a sectional couch and this was accelerating the process greatly.

We got a little cold in the middle of January and the couch seemed out of range, but Francis decided to use his winnings on this Moncler coat.

Now I am not a fashion icon. I am not walking any runways in Paris anytime soon. I wear mainly sweats to work, but I feel obligated to be honest with my friend and tell him, behind his back, in this blog he will most certainly read, that I may have done him a terrible disservice these past few months. As that is one of the ugliest jackets I've ever seen. It looks like a coyote fleece that Antonio Brown tried to repurpose. He looks aptly dressed if he were to perform his hip hop hits on a Navajo Ski Reservation.

And while I can't confirm or deny if Francis is on the board at Donda Sports with AB, I can tell you that he said some very kind words about me to our delightful CEO, Erika Ayers on a recent episode of the Token CEO podcast.

Give that full show a listen for some interesting insights on the future of Barstool.

And if you're a fan of my buddy Francis, give a listen to his independently successful show, Oops! The Podcast with his co-host Giulio Gallarotti, who is also a big Trust the Data rider.

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