I Had to Respond to Francis Ellis Calling My Blog "The Worst in Barstool History" After He Sunk The Honkers

I was just minding my own business scrolling Twitter this afternoon when I saw this Viva La Stool clip. My former Big Screamin' Honkers teammate Francis Ellis called me out for having the worst blog in the history of Barstool Sports?!?!?

Look I am not saying the blog was elite by any stretch of the imagination. But how can Francis call me out after hisThe Dozen Trivia performance?!?!? He scored 3 or 4 points in 4 matches total & helped sink the Season 1 Champions! 

Here was my response.

Francis is a hilarious dude and I am definitely a fan of his comedy. But he is out of line here. I take A LOT of crap from people and I admit much of it is justified. 

I am selective about picking my battles. But after his The Dozen Trivia performance, I am having none of it.

I still will support his comedy tour tho. Check him out on the road here. He might not be good at trivia but he will make you laugh.