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U.S. Marine Gets DUI, Uses Island Boys Cameo To Convince His Command To Let Him Stay In

Do not kick Sergeant Vasquez out,

because he's an Island Boyyyyy

Oh I know he's got his DUI but give him a second chance,

there's always room for a second chance

The song goes on, but that's all I'd need if I were Sgt. Vasquez's commanding officer (so long as he doesn't turn out to be this guy from the other weekend on Camp Pendleton:).. 

In fact, I'd consider giving him a meritorious promotion after that Cameo stunt.

Sgt. Vasquez exemplified at least 7 of the 14 USMC leadership traits in our simple JJ DID TIE BUCKLE acronym: The initiative to take action with this cameo and not just await his fate, tact with both the Island Boys and his command through clear communication, enthusiasm for the Corps & wanting to remain in it, unselfishness because those cameos cost $80, courage knowing full well this could go terribly wrong and turn you into an example the Corps uses forever, and loyalty in taking that risk to remain an active Marine.

Now, you might be thinking, "Kate, there's no way it's real. That cameo is clearly a joke that someone had the Island Boys do just for fun." And the logical side of my brain wants to agree with you there, but on the other hand I've seen Marines get into the most absurd, bizarre situations on the planet, and the ways they try to get out of them are 10x as insane and beyond the comprehension of most normal Americans. It's part of the "Eprit De Corps" that makes it such a wily and wonderful group. 

If it's any consolation to Sgt. Vasquez, if he can't stay in the Marines at least he's in with the Island Boys now.

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