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'These Damn Kumbaya Kids Are Sickening' - Bart Scott Blasting Micah Parsons On 'Get Up', Further Proving How Pathetic It Is To Root For Your Rival

Go to the 9:18 mark

Hmm would you look at that. Got ESPN out here talking about a certain blog that a certain blogger decided to write. Not bad for a human rain delay that can't draw interest. Seems like it's all anyone wants to talk about the last couple days. 

Anywho, this just shows you that I'm right. I don't know how else to say it. You got Bart Scott and Damien Woody out here going off on Micah Parsons saying you can't cheer for a rival. I still don't understand how it's that hard to grasp.

All I heard was I'm clout chasing. Or I don't understand because I didn't play professional sports. 

Well, these two played in the very same league. Seems like they have the same opinion. Out here making fun of Micah Parsons for trying to say go win one for the division. That's the line that was always the problem to me. Not wishing someone luck. Whatever, that happens after every game. 

You don't tell an archrival to go win the damn Super Bowl for a division. 

That's some JV bullshit if I've ever heard it. I think the term participation trophy is thrown around way too much these days, but that's what this is. What is Micah Parsons going to brag about the NFC East winning a title? I sure as shit won't as a Giants fan. I might paint myself red for the Chiefs. 

Not that it's surprising but chalk one up for the Giants and the rest of the NFL over a Cowboy in the playoffs. Tale as old as time.