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A Reddit User Is On The Brink Of Divorce Because His Wife Won't Introduce Him As A Pilot, Despite The Fact He Is Not A Pilot And Just Plays A Flight Simulator

This man is the embodiment of the Dudes Rock movement. You will respect his 500 hours of flying fake planes and refer to him as a pilot or this relationship is over. Hell yeah, brother.

Is this a little bit insane? Maybe. Most people have spent 500 hours doing some sort of activity and don't demand being introduced with that hobby as their profession. But most people don't have the skills and training of this ace, either. I can tell just from this Reddit post that this guy could take over the cockpit of a Delta flight in an emergency and probably do a better job than the two jack wagons that got us in that emergency in the first place.

Just because this guy hasn't had the chance to fly a "real" plane yet doesn't mean he's not a real pilot. Everything is in the Metaverse now, anyway.

Give my guy the respect he has earned through 500 hours of hard work on Microsoft Flight Simulator. Or at least give him one of those pairs of wings actual pilots hand out to kids on flights. Give him something.