Kelce Bowl: Jason Kelce's Wife Is Big Time Pregnant, Might End Up Giving Birth At The Super Bowl

Tim Nwachukwu. Getty Images.

Jason Kelce and his wonderful wife Kylie are expecting their 3rd daughter pretty much any day now. That's always going to be a chaotic time for any family with a child on the way. Especially if your husband is about to play in the Super Bowl next week in Arizona. You know, the usual stuff that any normal family has to deal with. 

Now here's the thing. Most people would probably see this is poor timing. But the Kelce family aren't most people. And I'd have to imagine there's nothing they'd want more than to bring another Kelce into this world when they already have two brothers squaring off against one another in the Super Bowl. In fact, I'd go as far as to even assume they planned it this way. I'm sure Jason Kelce had a good feeling about the direction this Eagles team was heading in. The Chiefs are always going to be a perennial contender. I'm sure he had the belief 9 months ago that the day could come when they play each other in the Super Bowl. What better way to celebrate the first set of brothers playing in the Super Bowl than by becoming a father of 3 and making your brother an uncle of 3?

Honestly I think this should be the halftime show. No offense to Rihanna or anything. But let's get this labor going right on the 50 yard line. Maybe have the doctor dress up in the shark costume from the Katy Perry halftime show. Best part about it is that Jason Kelce will get a huge boost in dad strength heading into the 2nd half. The run game is going to be unstoppable. Birds by a hundred. 

P.S. -- Donna Kelce deserves to win the Super Bowl MVP.